The Team

FloodMapp's team has strong expertise in flood engineering, business, development, design and marketing.

Juliette Murphy

CEO & Co-founder at FloodMapp

Juliette is a professional water resources engineer with over 10 years of experience in flood modelling, and hydrology.

Ryan Prosser

CTO & Co-founder at FloodMapp

Ryan is a talented full stack developer who has deep experience architecting serverless cloud applications using Typescript, ReactJS, and Python.

Kaitlyn Sapier

Head of Growth

Kaitlyn's background is in business, finance and computer science. She has significant experience in product and pricing, social media marketing and strategy, lead generation, BD and sales.

Andrew Wilson

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew has over 12 years of experience in python, real-time data pipelines, and architecting systems that scale. Andrew never misses an opportunity to advocate for agile software development.

Daniel Knott

Product Lead | Flood Engineer

Dan is a flood engineer and a developer who has extensive experience in hydraulic modelling, flood early warning systems, python and development of spatial plugins.

Robert Wall

Data Scientist

Robert Wall brings a unique combination of coastal flood engineering and data science experience. Previously, he has worked in using machine learning for storm surge forecasting to assist with emergency preparedness.

Gladys Chua

Spatial Analyst

Gladys is a system thinker who is passionate about User Experience UX. She is talented in spatial Analysis and Data Management.

Sarah Aldrich

Full Stack Developer

Sarah is passionate about problem solving, spatial relations and building accessible tools.

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