What are the problems?

Flood Risk

Flood risk is complicated and changing. Few homes are “not” at risk of floods, most lay on a spectrum of risk, but that isn’t captured by traditional 1-100 year maps.

Outdated maps

Historic maps have become outdated due to climate change.


An understanding of risk to price policies is important.

Property Risk

Urban development and infrastructure can dramatically change the flood risk of a property.

Hidden Information

Traditional Cat Models only provide aggregated loss data, which hinders your ability to understand the context of the risk.

What's our solution?


Visual flood simulation to show risk.
Raw data sets available as a dashboard.
API integration and webmap services.

How does it work?

We improve our accuracy by iteratively training our models on historic and probabilistic rainfall and river height data.

Who is this for?

Actuaries & Underwriters

This product helps our target customers to visualise the future probability of risk for an area. Assists in assessing, and diversifying the risk of portfolio exposure. Rather than discrete probabilities, you can get a spectrum of risk.