Rapid Flood Modelling

Flooding is becoming more frequent, and more severe. It is the world's costliest natural disaster, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. For every stage of a flooding event, we offer a unique product to help businesses improve safety and prevent damage.


Determine the risk of a flooding event.
Understand your porfolio exposure.


Understand the impact of approaching flood events to business oprations or policyholders. Streamline event response to improve safety and prevent losses.


Immediately quantify damages following flood events. Proactively respond to claims.


Predictive Mapping

Our Predictive Maps allow for rapid large-scale flood modelling to predict and visualize, the expected extent of a flood. Before it happens.

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Hazard Mapping

This stand-alone data product is perfect for underwriters to determine the risk of particular property or areas flooding.

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How it works

Rain and River Data

We aggregate real-time rainfall and river height data, from an ever expanding list of partners.

Elevation Models

We integrate the highest resoloution digital elevation models, to give us world class results.

River Forecast

Our engine automates river height predictions using observed and predicted rainfall.

Flood Model

We generate flood maps with our rapid flood modelling engine, to share with you.

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