FloodMapp Dashboard

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Our standard dashboard offers real-time data products which include live rainfall depths and live river heights.

The FloodMapp standard dashboard is live and interactive, allowing users to explore their community, sites, or areas of interest and how real-time rainfall and flooding might affect them or their assets.

FloodMapp Alerts

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FloodMapp offers personalised alerts to deliver timely and location specific flood warnings to users. This provides them more time to evacuate safely with their valuables. Our standard alerts package comes with customised alerts for rainfall and river height for selected gauges. Alerts can be used for up to 3 users in a business.

FloodMapp Enterprise

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check Predictive inundation maps
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FloodMapp is well suited to insurers, mining and energy companies as a valuable product for their staff and policy holders to support them through flooding and disasters. Our real-time mapping products improve the safety and resilience of staff and policy holders, whilst minimising flood related damages. FloodMapp offers API integrations, which allows businesses to view live flood maps of predicted and unfolding flood events within their native GIS(Geographic Information System) environment. This allows insurers to predict claims and examine portfolio exposure to unfolding flood events. It allows mining and energy companies to secure sites and assets and minimise lost production.

Our enterprise level alerts are designed to be distributed to high volumes of staff or policy holders. Alerts are location specific, based on large scale predictive flood mapping.
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